Meet The Cast

Joe Morton The Narrator
Joel Bryant Mike Kardec
Traci Dinwiddie Helen Lacklan
Time Winters John Lacklan and Bill Fairchild
Jack Ong Inghai
Hayden Lee Kebir
Nicholas Hosking Clifton Vandover
Ronobir Lahiri Ishan Patel
Peter Lavin Rigger and Denton
Glenda Morgan Brown Mrs. Denton
Paul Ganus Sergeant
Will MacMillan Marine Officer
Sanjay Chandani Bartender 1, Clerk, and Sikh
Jee Teo Dyak One, Korean Two, and Malay Vendor
Benny Tjandera Dyak Two
Nick Ballard Forward Observer
Bru Muller Soldier One
Lee Reherman Fire Direction Center

MANY of our cast have more extensive theater and international credits not listed on IMDB ... they are a fantastic group, I'm not really sure how we did it!

Laurel Marlantes Co-Producer
Kelly Lind Script Supervisor
Miriam Korn General Assistant
Beau L'Amour Writer and Director
Paul O'Dell Producer and Editor
Howard Gale Studio Engineer
Phil Shenale Music Composer

Documentry footage for the session was shot by Craig Ouelette and Brendon Fong --