About the Producers of

Louis L'Amour (right) with Malay Barber (center) and
shipmate Leiflander (Left), "On The Beach" in Borneo

In the late 1920's and early 1930's Louis L'Amour shipped out from San Pedro, CA, crossed the Pacific Ocean and worked as a merchant seaman in the Dutch East Indies, now called Indonesia. He continued his around the world voyage crossing the Indian Ocean, traversing the Suez Canal, the Mediterranian, and Atlantic Ocean completing his circumnavigation of the globe in New York. His experiences and travels fueled over 60 thrilling adventure stories including an exciting romp through the dark jungles, raging rivers and treacherous mountains of then, mostly unexplored, Borneo. "The Diamond Of Jeru" was never published in any of the magazines of its time and lay "undiscovered" until after his death.

Louis on the other hand, worked diligenty at becoming anything but "undiscovered." His short stories were carried by numerous Pulp Fiction magazines and he even began to break through into the "Slicks." When one of his short stories was optioned by John Wayne the movie and novel HONDO were born and the rest, as they say, is history! With over 300 Million copies of his books in print in over 25 different languages, Louis L'Amour is the largest selling Western writer of all time! (see www.louislamour.com for more information)

Since his death in June of 1988 Bantam Books has continued to release the work of Louis L'Amour including his successful series of Audio Dramas. Beau L'Amour has worked as the Supervising Producer for the entire line in additon to writing and directing many of the titles. In addition, Beau and Louis L'Amour Enterprises, experimented with several different ventures in the mid nineties including a successful fiction magazine (closed down when Bantam, Doubleday, Dell sold the division) and a syndicated radio show, Louis L’Amour Theater; thirty, carefully edited (by Beau and Paul O'Dell), versions of the Bantam audio programs which appeared as weekly episodes on over 200 stations nationwide in 1993 and 1994 and on the Armed Services Radio Network.

Starting in the early 1980's Beau L'Amour and Paul O'Dell began producing Audio Dramas for Bantam Audio Publishing. Over the years, they have successfully collaborated on many projects. You can find more indepth information about their last Dramatized Audio at www.sonofawantedman.com